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Wellness Assesment – Reboot Your Body!


 Have you ever been to the doctor’s office because you are always tired, achy, or you’re having trouble sleeping? The doctor does blood work, and the good and bad news

is that nothing showed up. Many symptoms can fall short on the radar, but a comprehensive Wellness Assessment can help you find where the gap is.


 The Wellness Assessment considers your symptoms and compares them against a pattern of specific vitamin deficiencies, which helps to determine what nutrients your cells

may be missing. In other words it tells you the nature of your health right now!


Is your immune system weak? Are your Adrenals tired? Your responses are used to create a customized supplement, nutritional and lifestyle

program to reduce or alleviate your health issues AND reboot your body!


Whether you desire to FEEL GREAT or  believe you may have acid reflux, hormone issues, fatigue, excess weight, pre-diabetes, candida, or adrenal fatigue, this program can help you.


Order your Wellness Assessment for $125 It includes a 50 minute on the phone or in person consultation and a weekly check in for 30 days.

Finally a program just for you, we set your goals and create a strategy for a Happier and Healthier New Year!



ORDER YOUR WELLNESS ASSESSMENT FOR ONLY $99, OFFER OVER January 31, 2015   Contact Diana Maltz, RN   for a Wellness Assessment at diana@zestylifenyc.com