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Fresh Start Cleansing Program 

A Health-Building Cleansing Program for YOU!


Fresh start is a comprehensive 7-day cleanse, food and supplements.

Optional: Followed by a 4 week rebuild your health program, 

based on proven scientific principles.


It has been used for more than 20 years to help participants get a "fresh start" on their health.

NOW is the time to prepare for your healthy 2017!

Call or e-mail me for details - the Fresh Start Cleansing program begins NOW!




The First 7 days is a Cleanse Program, focus is on foods and supplements to support your cleanse:

Alfalfa: Body Detoxifier

Optiflora: Gut Balancer

Liver DTX: Helps bile flow and protects te liver from toxins

Herb Lax: Mild Cleansing Action


The next 4 weeks help Rebuild and Repair the Body: You choose the plan depending on your goal

1.  "Vitalizing Plan"

2.   "Shake It Up Plan"

3.   180 Turnaround Plan (90 days)




*Food shopping list and instructions will be sent separately via email after purchase. Then you can join the private Facebook page!

Email me at diana@zestylifenyc.com for more information.  And please visit our online store to order the products for this simple, but yet effective Metabolic Boost Program.